Introduction -

Finss, Ltd. is the exclusive importer of electrical vibromotors of the Italian company Italvibras in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Imported motors are designed for industrial use wherever vibration is becoming the part of the production and working process. Vibration technology and electric vibration motors find more and more industrial use and this industry is growing very fast.

Company Finss decided to establish the co-operation with the Italian company Italvibras because Italvibras belongs to the best worldwide producers of electrical vibromotors offering big production range of vibration electromotors and also the top quality. Italvibras produces the widest range of electric vibrators on the market today.

The development of our various product series is based on an ongoing collaboration with the primary manufacturers of vibrating machines and systems, with whom we have consolidated partnerships. Through the analysis and the solution of specific application problems related to vibration, Italvibras has developed well-aimed product lines that, even with the industrial standardization of the product, respond to an extremely broad spectrum of requirements.